Free Design Advice. Free Measures. Free Estimates.

We are a full service shop.  We have two estimators with 50+ years combined experience, and we have four Design Consultants who all have at least 10 years of experience each.  We know our stuff and we would love to help with your project!
But before we offer our complimentary in-home design and measure services, we ask that you visit our showroom and meet with one of our designers.  We've been doing this for 30 years and we just know that this is the most effective, productive way of helping our customers.

The main reason is our showroom is very large.  We've been told it's one of the nicest flooring design showrooms in the Twin Cities and we think it's worth the trip in!  We have 1,000's of products and there really is no way of knowing what to bring with to an in-home visit without having the selection narrowed down to a certain product type -- which many people need help with anyway.  Even if you do know what kind of flooring you want, we have 100's of patterns and colors of each product type. There is just absolutely no way to bring all of our products with us, in all color choices and in all price ranges.  And we don't want to come short-handed!  We know most people are very visual and want to see all their options! 

Here's our general process:

 1)  Come in our showroom. We want to meet you first so we can discuss your lifestyle, needs, style and budget.  We've found that the best place to have this conversation is in our showroom where we can show you the differences between certain products and pin-point exactly what it is that you are looking for -- the more options you see, the better you will feel that your final choice is the RIGHT choice.

Tip:  When you come in, bring along a floor plan if you have one (a rough drawing also works) or rough measurements of the room you're looking to remodel. (Example: 12 ft wide x 16 long).  This helps our Designers work with your budget.  Also, if you're looking to coordinate any furniture, cabinetry or paint colors you can bring a couch cushion, cabinet drawer or paint swatches. It's a great way to narrow down the search.

2)  In Home Consult. Once you've established a relationship with one of our designers and they have a good idea about your taste and what you are looking to do, they would be more than happy to do an in-home consultation if you still need design advice, ideas, etc. At this point, they will also have a better idea of what to bring with for samples as well.

3)  Measure. Then, when you think you have your selection narrowed down to a specific product, we send out our estimator.  He will measure things up, check out the scope of work to be done and we can give you an exact estimate.  Typically, we only like to send out an estimator once and an estimator can't determine the scope of work without knowing the product that we will be putting in so this is why steps 1 & 2 are important.

When you're ready to get started, come on in.  Or, if you're the planning type and want to make sure you have some one-on-one time with one of our designers, you're welcome to make an appointment.  We'd love to know when you're coming -- but it's not required.  Call us at 763-210-3000 or submit a message through our Contact Us page.





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